Who we are

Pacific and Beyond International (P&BI) is not a brewery and does not have the talents to brew beers like every brew master does but we are the messengers who is responsible for bringing the Canadian craft beers to the world and inviting every beer aficionados to discover the essences of the beers that hand crafted in Canada.

What is craft beer? Craft beers is a liquid form of arts; just like paintings that we are seeing in the art galleries and each of the painting in the galleries has their own uniqueness, stories, and personalities that the artists are trying to convey to their audiences. Craft beers are just like paintings yet instead of using paints and brushes the brew masters uses malt, hops, water, yeast, and many different other ingredients they can find around them to craft up the beers that they want to present to the drinkers. In Canada we are very lucky that we have the best clean water resources, the best farm field to grow barleys and wheat, and the best weather conditional for growing hops. These are the main ingredients readily available for our local breweries to create their master pieces and share with the beer drinkers.

In the craft beer market, it’s a large gallery with many different beers from different countries and every brew master in the world are trying to use their talents to create their unique style of beers like painting to present in the gallery and inviting the beer aficionados to use their senses to discover the personality that the brew masters are trying to convey.