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When people are mentioning about craft beer countries, one usually will think of Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom or the United States. In fact, in the recent years, Canadian craft beer market is rapidly picking up. Canada has a unique natural environment and pure water quality coupled with friendly people and passion. The combination is perfect to brew excellence of craft beers
Therefore, despite the short history of the beer industry, the craft breweries have sprung up over the years, especially in the British Columbia. The province of British Columbia is accounted for as much as 20% of the local Canadian beer market. Just in Greater Vancouver area there are more than 150 craft breweries located here. In Canada, beer is no longer just a thirst-quenching drink. It is a finely crafted piece of art with sincerity, passion, and enthusiasm.

In Canada, the owners of many craft breweries are masters of brewing beers. They brewed their beers following the brewing traditions and with the touch of their talents, so they bring to the world of craft beers with unparalleled enthusiasm and uniqueness.

The craft beer market is rapidly emerging, and more and more people are beginning to fall in love with its complexity of flavours. We hope to introduce the Canadian craft beer through Pacific and Beyond International to the people in the world to experience the art of Canadian craft beer!

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